The main car park at Greenwood Park is usually full by 9.00pm. Please use the overspill car park at

Midway Surgery, 93 Watford Road, AL2 3JX

less than 5 mins drive away

with free mini bus shuttle,

every 15 minutes from 9.00pm

plus you get a chance to win your entry charge back.

If you have to park just outside the venue or in the streets nearby, only park on areas without traffic cones.

Please avoid blocking any driveway or parking on grass verges.

This is to keep the roads clear for emergency vehicle access and cause the minimum amount of disruption to our neighbours on a Friday night.

The car park helpers are there every Friday and are available to advise you where to park. They speak on behalf of Salsa Mish and deal with any issues with neighbours and

visitors to Salsa Mish.

Parking at Greenwood Park